Vaccine Rolling…Shot Ready !!!

We all know the importance of vaccinations, but a vaccine for a pandemic of such magnitude, needs to be understood in reasonable detail. Hence, jac4pac went out on the web to understand the core of the virus and best defence available. When we talk about preventive healthcare of such scale, it coincides with politics, business and people.

Few graphs capturing step by step account of defence against virus and its costs:

I. Our Immunity


II. Vaccine Candidates

Graph source: Reuters

III. Popular Vaccines and their methodology


IV. Price per dose

It’s truly a global problem and going by the name of the manufacturers at the forefront of the research for vaccines, seems like a global effort to find a solution. However, in the near future, it will be interesting to see an approval list of vaccine(s) of all nation(s) for truly global problem.

Keep Smiling, Cheers. jac4pac.



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