In Greek mythology, ‘Achilles’ or ‘Achilleus’ was a hero of the Trojan War, the greatest of all the Greek warriors, and is the central character of Homer’s Iliad. He was the son of the Nereid Thetis and Peleus, king of Phthia. Achilles’ most notable feat during the Trojan War was the slaying of the Trojan prince Hector outside the gates of Troy. The tomb of Achilles, extant throughout antiquity in Troad, was venerated by Thessalians, but also by Persian expeditionary forces, as well as by Alexander the Great and the Roman emperor Caracalla.

Odysseus’ was a legendary hero in Greek…

It occurs that the pandemic in an intermittent manner has caused lot of economic damage, which might take some time to repair. A slowdown induced by such events can have a chokehold on an economic activity. A spiral of meek business activity with hesitation in investor confidence, could potentially create an environment of ‘liquidity squeeze’. To tide over such exceptional liquidity events, can we think on below listed questions:

  1. Can the government of the day under any circumstance consider ‘Pledging of its Foreign Exchange Reserve’, with an intention to tap into temporary funding from liquidity surplus nations?
  2. If yes, can…

“Maine pucha unn nacheez se,

Kya yeh arajakta iss vichaleet Dil ka sangharsh hain,

Ya yeh dogley dimmag ki….


“Iss balrupee manav kay prashna ka uttar,

Unnhone muskurakar, hawaon main karwat badalte,

Humse muh pher liya…

Prashna ka uttar toh nahi, par humari vyagrata ko gambhir kar diya.”

“Abhi hum ubhare theay aapke

Khwahisho kay Mahasagar se lathpath,

Kinaro kay tinko se humne jo banayi thi aashavaad ki kutiya,

Aapka aati-sneh ya mann ki mahabhayankar saazish….

Maano use aandhe ne kutiya ko ujaad diya,

aur hume ek kutputli bana kay chod diya.”

-Prathamesh Acharekar

“Ek Darkhaast unn nacheez ko,

Jinki har mumkin koshish ko,

takaaloof naa mann kay…

Har khwahish ko humne hukum maan ke seerhane rakh diya.”

“Jaha har raha andhyaari thi,

Jaha khwahisho ka maano mahasaagar tha,

Humne thaan liya, hum taey karenge iss mahasaagar ka safar…

aapkay aanchal talay.”

“Humari umeed thi mehfoosi ka alam,

Par humaare kaandhe aaye,

neerbalta aur ayogyata ka kalankh,

Ishwar kripa se aur kuch hoonar dosto kay sahyog se,

hum aapkay iss mahasaagar main…

Khasti haakne seekh gaye.”

“Nirantar prayaas raha,

Khasti kay sheetheel safar kaa,

Yeh toh humari vivekta ki durbalta aur vaastawik adooradarshita thi,

Toofano kaa samaa toh keval…

Mahasaagar ki aadat si hain.”

-Prathamesh Acharekar.

Do you remember the clanking of glass bottles in a van? Which, over time, went down to the convenience of PET bottles. Since, we changed our habit of consuming the cold drinks, ‘more on the move’ as against ‘sedentary dining tables’. These glass bottles also carried an additional burden of being returned to the bottling plant (at least in India), so most of the retailers stocked both empty as well as full bottles. In hindsight, these empty bottles seem to me like a hidden supply chain masterstroke for the bottling plants.

Traditionally, logistics have been 3 factor oriented viz. Distance…

With the spate of increased deaths and infections due to covid19 virus, this particular situation warrants for an advanced analysis, in terms of habitation and genetic makeup of an individual. Most of us have migrated across the country/states/city leaving our familial land, leading to decoupling from our roots. Which in all probability might have impacted the well-being of an individual(s) over a decade or century, making him/her vulnerable to the impact of the virus.

Therefore, we should consider a limited and random DNA test with a robust sample size. Currently, we tend to collect samples from individuals, the same samples…

Subject post is to share an interesting observation with regards to the financial statement of the corporation(s), Public as well as Private. Most of the companies (un)listed manage their enterprise via long/short term partnerships. These partnerships could be in the form of Tie-up’s (Sales & Marketing, Technology, Production & etc.), Franchisee arrangement, Inter-corporate/Familial, Tactical (Anti-hostile Takeover, Last Means Finance) and Issue based obligations.

Currently, all financial statements tend to carry some of this information in the ‘Notes’ to the statement, and which is expressed in absolute numbers. However, to be honest, it only tends to offer an assurance of transparency…

I have always been conscious about our environment, and it could be debatable as to how much an individual should be vested to be called an ‘eco conscious’. It is actually what good politics believes, tends to be a limit of (in)sanity in case of any marketable product/service, and of course larger under current in the society. Like with the rise of club format sports gave rise to sports good companies, which eventually turned into a fashion alternative, steadily inching towards luxury/collectible status.

Similarly, latest trends heavily favour eco-conscious products or services.

  • 2019 saw a total of 479 green bonds…

As we saw in the prior post, two broad classifications of philosophy that have inspired human interaction the society of our time. In this blog post, we will attempt to understand prevalent trends in our society.

In our times deception and societal camouflaging have been central themes of our society. For deeper understanding, we have attempted to tabulate the current theme under ‘GEMINISM’ (2021), as this describes the duality of our society and in part it is an individual mind’s failing to the trappings of the material society.

‘ISM’ in short.

My understanding of philosophy is as good as any layman, as it is not the necessity in a practical world. As a practical (wo)man in this society, a gauge of an individual’s intellect is not based on his/her understanding of fanciest philosophy, which in my opinion is actually ‘classifying’ and ‘labelling’ of human society. However, in this post I have ‘copy pasted’ choicest philosophy which I believe is a broad classification of our political system.

A Blog with an Alternative Perspective.

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